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Descubre soluciones de alquiler que elevan tu Proyecto

In Transgrúas Gerardo, we specialize in offering a wide range of services rental of tow trucks to meet all of your lifting needs, and transportation. Our fleet moderna and maintained meticulously is ready to face any challenge, ensuring that your project is developed with efficiency and security.

Transportation of goods

Discover the indisputable leader in the transport of goods with Transgrúas Gerardo. From the moment of collection through to final delivery, our commitment is to ensure the security and integrity of your products. We have a highly qualified team that specializes in logistics services and reliable ground transportation. Beyond the simple delivery, we offer specialized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your load. In Transgrúas Gerardo, not only transported goods, we also get the confidence of a service that is efficient and reliable.

Cranes for construction

Our cranes are imposing are the key to a safe lifting of heavy loads in any construction project. From tow trucks to cargo handling and specialised equipment, in Transgrúas Gerardo offer an integral service and quality that makes the difference. Trust us for solutions that are efficient and safe in the field of construction. Our fleet of cranes is designed to address different needs, from small-scale projects to industrial projects on a large scale. 

Transport recreational boats

In Transgrúas Gerardo, we are much more than a shuttle service for recreational boats. We become your trusted partner for each movement. With a vast experience and a personalized approach, we guarantee safety and efficiency in every transfer of vessel. Our highly skilled team offers the best solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Whether it is a small yacht or a boat of greater magnitude, in Transgrúas Gerardo, we sail with you into the calm and confidence at each stage of the process.

Towing service in environments dockers

In environments port, we operate cranes specialized that comply with the most rigorous safety standards. Beyond the adaptability, we offer specific services to meet the unique needs of each client. Our fleet of cranes is designed to address the diversity of port operations. In Transgrúas Gerardo, we not only provide towing services, but also the guarantee of safe and efficient operations in environments harbor. Rely on us for a service that fits perfectly to the demands of the port.

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