Our History

Transgrúas Gerard, with more than 40 years in Vigo, began with a vision of efficiency and safety in the transport and lifting of loads. From a few tow trucks and a small team, we have grown, innovating and adapting to new technologies. Our evolution has gone hand in hand with the development of our community, keeping us as a benchmark in the sector. We look to the future with the goal of expanding our services and keep our promise of excellence.

Experts on the transport of goods

More than renting cranes, we provide powerful solutions and precise to your most demanding needs.

Eficiencia y seguridad

Our journey began over 40 years ago in Vigo, with a small team and a few tow trucks. From the beginning, our goal was clear: to provide services of transport and lifting of loads, with outstanding efficiency, safety and reliability.

Creciemiento e innovación

With the passing of the years, Transgrúas Gerardo has grown significantly. We expanded our fleet and adapt new technologies, while always maintaining a focus on quality and continuous improvement. This growth has enabled it to offer a wider range of services to our clients.

Commitment and Community

Our growth has been parallel to the development of our community in Vigo. This commitment has allowed us to understand and better meet the needs of the local community. The closeness to our community has been fundamental to the way we do business.

Looking to the Future

Today, we are a leader in the industry and we continue to look forward. Our plan is to continue to innovate and expand our services, always keeping the promise of quality and safety. In Cranes Gerardo, we are committed to adapt to changes in the market and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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